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Program FAQ

Is Georgia Tigers Elite the right program for you?  We freely admit that GATE is not for everyone.  Our program's focus on competing and winning nationally requires our program structure to be different.  Here are some of the most frequent questions we get about our program.

Do we guarantee equal play time?

No.  We play to win and our coaches are asked to play the players that give them the best chance to accomplish that goal in each game.  Although playing time will vary from game to game based on the needs and circumstances of each game, we do expect playing time to balance out over the course of a tournament.  Carrying an 18 man roster makes this task much easier.  If you make the roster, you are not only going to play, but you will be expected to produce.

What is the size of our rosters?

Unlike most club programs that carry 22-26 players on a team, GATE caps our roster at most events to 18.  With an emphasis on winning games and tournaments, a smaller roster allows our coaches to make decisions necessary to give each team the best chance to win each game.

What does our team fees cover?

Our team fees cover the following:

  • All tournament fees
  • Player pack (full uniform, shooter shirt, player swag package)
  • coaches costs
  • JM3 Player Academy
  • JM3 Player Assessment each season for players in 2024 class and older.
  • practices
  • Game/practice filming
  • JM3 Coaches Certification

To maintain the most cost effective program, we will use the same uniform for the entire calendar year.  If you participate in the summer, fall, and winter seasons in the same calendar year, you will only have to pay for the Player pack once.  If you register for a 2nd or third season during the same calendar year, you will only be required to pay for the seasonal fees.

What is your training philosophy?

Reps, reps, and more reps.  If you want to be good at anything, you must practice the skill/sport as often as possible.  Our practice plans are designed around providing all players the maximum amount of reps.  Our players will average 3 to 4 times the amount of reps they would receive with most club teams.  Using this type of practice plan along with smaller roster sizes, our players will see more touches in practice during the season than they would with any other club team.  

How often will I practice

Practice schedules will be posted several months prior to the start of the club season.  All teams will have 2 field practices per week (1.5 hours each) and one additional training session.  The additional training session will change from week to week and will include position training and indoor stick skill work.

How do we hold our coaches accountable?

Film never lies.  Your team fees include the costs to film all games during the season.  Our staff will review game film from each team during the season.  In addition, our program will also film at least 3 practices during the season and that film will be reviewed and graded by JM3 Sports.  We have partnered with JM3 Sports to provide coaches training and certifications.  JM3 Sports will track stats from all practices filmed and provide an assessment of each.  Having a third party review this information provides a high level of accountability for our program and our families.  

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